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Getting Started

Edge-engine is a simple yet powerful interface to port ML models to phone devices. It automates the underlying hardware utilization and switches between CPU/GPU when required to give maximum throughput.


Please follow the installation instructions for your target platform

To install the sdk add following lines in your gradle app dependencies (hosted on Maven Central):

dependencies {
// other project dependencies ...
implementation "ai.edgestore:engine:1.1.0-alpha01"

Add CocoaPod to your project and then add the following line to your Podfile (Stable):

pod 'EdgeEngine'
For Edge Version (Nightly):
pod 'EdgeEngine', :http => ''

Run the following command in your terminal

pip install edge-engine

Use Cases

  • Centernet Results Pose Estimation

  • Deeplab Results

    Selfie Segmentation

  • Efficientdet Results

    Objects Detection

  • Edge Store Find More